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For the fourth season of Restorative Faith, we are focusing on the theme of science. We are currently in the process of conducting interviews. Below are some of the stories we would like to tell. If you, or someone you know, has a story that fits into the topics we are researching, please fill out the form and provide some details of what the story involves.


Upon reviewing your submission, if we feel it fits into the narrative of a particular episode, we will contact you to obtain more information about the story and your availability to be interviewed. Please note that all stories will remain confidential until we receive the proper release permissions.

Season 4: Science

Below are the stories we are seeking for Season 4. If any of these stories apply to you or someone you know, fill out the form below. We would like to hear about your experiences.

  • Fundamentalists: Did you grow up in a fundamentalist Christian family where you were taught to reject science and believe the earth is 6,000 years old? If so we want to know what it was like and how you eventually escaped from that worldview.

  • Climate Change: Has your livelihood been uprooted by climate change? Have you lost your home or your crops to extreme weather patterns? Even though you know it's because of a warming earth, are/were you part of a family or church that tells you climate change is not real? How are you coping with this issue in your life?

  • End of the World: Did you grow up as part of Christian denomination that regularly talked about the end of the world? Were you taught that Jesus would return and destroy the world? If so, we would like to hear about how that influenced your understanding of life.


  • Addiction: Have you ever been seriously addicted to hard drugs? We want to hear about your journey into addiction and how you managed to pull yourself out.


  • Miracles: Have you ever believed you were subject to miracle only to later discover there was a very rational explanation for your change in circumstances? We want to understand your mental process of believing you were saved by external forces (like God or angels) to realizing other factors were at play.


  • Placebo: Were you part of a drug study where you had a remarkable turnaround only to later discover you were given a placebo? How did you discover this and what was the impact on your condition?

  • Visions: Were you part of a group of people who witnessed a mass vision of a religious figure? We want to know who it was and how it made you feel.

  • Near-Death Experience: Did you die for a short period of time and encounter a Near-Death Experience? We would like to know the circumstances that led to your NDE and what transpired.

  • Reincarnation: Have you ever witnessed a child talking as if they lived a previous life as someone else? Have you ever been privy to information that would indicate you lived past lives?

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