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Restorative Faith Movement

The Restorative Faith Movement is a coalition of people who are working together to create a new kind of Christianity for the 21st century.  The people who join this movement usually possess three attributes:

  • A rationalist worldview where scientific discovery and logic are the primary drivers of truth.

  • A belief that there is something greater than ourselves that is the cause of the universe in which we live. This cause is often defined as, but is not necessarily exclusive to, a divine being or God.

  • A belief that Jesus of Nazareth possesses unique insight into this cause and provides a positive framework through which humans can improve themselves both individually and as a society to become more egalitarian and peaceful with one another. 

If these three attributes apply to you, then you should consider becoming part of the Restorative Faith Movement. Our goal is to propagate these ideas in our personal lives, communities, and society as a whole. To learn more, click here.

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