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  • Why did you create the Restorative Faith Movement?
    I created the Restorative Faith Movement because there are a group of people who subscribe to the tenets of modern rationalism and, at the same time, are spiritually inclined. If you fit into this niche, you are in an odd space. Most modern rationalists disavow religion completely and most spiritualists don’t know how to integrate scientific skepticism into their worldview. Reconciling these two competing interests is nearly impossible with the traditional Christian belief system. Therefore, I wanted to provide a framework of thought that allows for these two perspectives to coexist. I am certainly not the first person to take this approach to Christianity, but what I am trying to do is create a community where like-minded people can discuss these ideas and integrate them into their personal lives, communities and society as a whole.
  • What is the goal of the Restorative Faith Movement?
    To share the ideas found within the Restorative Faith book with like-minded people. To propagate these ideas in our personal lives, communities and society as a whole. To create a more fair and equitable world, where everyone has enough food to eat, a roof over their head, and no one unduly suffers from treatable illnesses.
  • I sent you a question, why haven’t you answered that question in a blog post?"
    I will let you know if I plan to answer your question in a blog post or via e-mail. I try to respond to all questions in a timely manner, but not all questions are appropriate to send out to the whole community.
  • Do you believe in God?
    Yes, I believe in God. That said, how I envision God and how you envision God may be two very different things. Do I believe that God is an old bearded man up in the sky, like what we find in Michael Angelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel? No. I view God as a force, an energy that emanates in and through everything. I view God as the cause for why we, and everything else, exist.
  • I’m an atheist. Does the Restorative Faith Movement have anything for me?
    Yes. Although the beliefs of the Restorative Faith Movement are grounded in the Christian religion, belief in God is not a prerequisite to be part of the Restorative Faith Movement. Restorative Faith promotes the idea that humans have all the tools required to create a fair and equitable world. Several atheists who have read the book have commented that the ideas presented can easily be applied to secular humanism.
  • What are your views on Jesus?
    If you want to understand my views on Jesus, I would encourage you to read the Restorative Faith book. I spend the last 130 pages of my book discussing the history and doctrine surrounding Jesus. My views are not simplistic. They are highly nuanced and require the reader to engage with difficult material. However, if you approach the book with an open mind, I believe you will come away with a much deeper and richer understanding of the person of Jesus.
  • What's up with all the images of broken pottery?
    In Japan, there is an art called kintsugi. The fragments of a broken piece of pottery are mended together with a gold resin. Such is the purpose of Restorative Faith for those whose faith has been broken.
  • Can I donate to your cause?
    Not at this time. In the future, I hope to create a Restorative Faith Foundation that is dedicated to propagating these ideas. For now, if you want to support the Restorative Faith Movement, you can purchase the Restorative Faith book, Restorative Beauty, or The Forest and spread the message.
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