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Who We Are

Restorative Faith is a progressive spiritual movement. In the early years, much of the content was geared towards rescuing the Christian faith from antiquated doctrine by recasting Christianity in a new light.  

The pitch was simple: If you’re the type of person who questions and doubts; if you’ve strayed from the Christian faith because there are certain things that don’t seem to add up, then this movement is for you.

Today, this remains an important component of Restorative Faith, but over the years, the focus has changed. With the publication of Restorative Beauty, the Restorative Faith Movement branched out to incorporate rationalist skeptics from other religious traditions.

In the same way that Restorative Faith redefined Christianity, Restorative Beauty redefined spirituality, offering a spiritual experience accessible to anyone. As Restorative Faith continues to grow, our next goal is to expand the community from being exclusively online to having roots in the real world creating a Restorative Community.

Join us and contribute to the conversation!

The opinions expressed on this site are those of Alexander Lang and do not reflect the views of any particular Christian denomination or religious organization.

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