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Christianity is in a downward spiral. Americans are abandoning the church in record numbers. In the 21st century, science and technology are the primary drivers of the modern worldview. As a result, Christianity is rapidly losing credibility. And why shouldn’t it be? In a world where logic and reason reign supreme, the church often promotes the exact opposite: The earth was created in six days; Noah filled a boat with every animal on the planet; and Jesus was born of a virgin.


Admitting that these and many other of aspects of the Christian faith are simply non-starters to outsiders, Alexander Lang takes the reader on a journey to rediscover Christianity. Written for those who find Christianity inaccessible, illogical and plainly irrelevant, Restorative Faith confronts the landmines that often shatter faith.


By breaking down Christianity into its most basic parts, Lang casts a new vision for the Christian faithRestorative Faith is designed to push an evolution in thinking and spiritual consciousness such that humans are prepared to take responsibility for each other’s well-being and the collective future of life on our planet.

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