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Will God Forgive Me?

Will God Forgive Me When I Ask for Forgiveness?

This is a common question which, unfortunately, is often answered by traditional Christians with something that sounds like this: It all depends on what you believe. In other words, God's forgiveness is conditional and based on you holding the right beliefs about God and Jesus before forgiveness will be granted. At the Restorative Faith Movement, we do not subscribe to this way of thinking. Indeed, we believe that God will forgive you no matter what you believe because we view God's love as being unconditional.

For many Christians, this answer is difficult to swallow because they feel it encourages irresponsible behavior. On the contrary, we have had people contact us who have admitted to doing really horrific things in their lives. When we respond to those admissions of guilt, we believe that forgiveness does not absolve you of the responsibility to own your mistakes and make amends for the ways your actions have hurt other people. We believe that God's forgiveness is guaranteed, but your response to that guarantee is to change your ways and make amends for the harm that has been inflicted upon others. If you are interested in talking more about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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