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Why Are Christians So Judgmental?

Why are Christians so Judgmental and Closed Minded?

The issue of Christians being judgmental is one of the biggest drains on the traditional Christian church. Indeed, the judginess of Christians is one of the primary deterrents preventing people from walking through the doors of a church on Sunday morning. Perhaps the biggest contributor to these judgmental attitudes is that there is a perception among church people that you need to be perfect to be part of a church.


Very often, people in churches are reluctant to share their issues and struggles for fear of being judged by the people around them. This creates an environment where nobody wants to share their hardships because they don't want to be viewed as weak or inadequate. This is why when a person does admit they are struggling inside the walls of a church, it is often met with judgment rather than love and acceptance.

The Restorative Faith Movement begins with the premise that we are all flawed and no one has it all together. Therefore, no one has the right to judge. However, we go one step further by insisting that, if you are a person who has been fortunate to have only a handful of issues in your life, your job is to give back and walk alongside those who are struggling. In this way, once you are on the other side of your issues, we expect you to be there for the next person who needs a helping hand. If you want to learn more about the Restorative Faith Movement, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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