For the second season of Restorative Faith, we are focusing on the theme of sexuality. We are currently in the process of conducting interviews. Below are some of the stories we would like to tell. If you, or someone you know, has a story that fits into the topics we are researching, please fill out the form and provide some details of what the story involves. Upon reviewing your submission, if we feel it fits into the narrative of a particular episode, we will contact you to obtain more information about the story and your availability to be interviewed. Please note that all stories will remain confidential until we receive the proper release permissions.

Season 2: Sexuality

Below are the stories we are seeking for Season 2. If any of these stories apply to you or someone you know, fill out the form below. We would like to hear about your experiences.

  • Did you grow up in the church being taught that sexuality is inherently sinful? Did that have a negative effect on your life/relationships?

  • Are you a woman who was raped and then later blamed for the rape by your church or the Christians around you?

  • Are you a Christian who got divorced from your spouse and faced scrutiny from the church for your choice?

  • Did you cheat on your spouse and are you willing to talk about circumstances and details as to what happened and why?

  • Are you a Christian who had an abortion and faced backlash from your church community for your decision?

  • Are you a LGBTQ person who has been subjected to conversion therapy?

  • Are you a LGBTQ person who still identifies as Christian, but struggles to remain part of a Christian community?

  • Have you been molested by priest or pastor? Did that event ripple out to have negative effects on your life/relationships?

  • Did you ever spend time working in the pornography industry?

My story begins...

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