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For the third season of Restorative Faith, we are focusing on the theme of discrimination. We are currently in the process of conducting interviews. Below are some of the stories we would like to tell. If you, or someone you know, has a story that fits into the topics we are researching, please fill out the form and provide some details of what the story involves. Upon reviewing your submission, if we feel it fits into the narrative of a particular episode, we will contact you to obtain more information about the story and your availability to be interviewed. Please note that all stories will remain confidential until we receive the proper release permissions.

Season 3: Discrimination

Below are the stories we are seeking for Season 3. If any of these stories apply to you or someone you know, fill out the form below. We would like to hear about your experiences.

  • Are you a woman who grew up in the church and experienced sexism? Did you grow up being taught that men are inherently more valuable than women? Were you told to conform to very strict gender roles, which prevented you from investing fully in your own talents and gifts?

  • Did you grow up in an abusive home where your father was violent and you reached out to the church for help only to have the the leadership in the church ignore the problem?

  • Are you someone who has struggled with mental illness and was told by your church that mental illness is not real or the result of spirits or demons?

  • Have you ever had a serious psychotic break where you hurt yourself or the people around you and healed from it as a result of therapy and medication?

  • Are you a person of color who has faced serious threats of bodily harm, death threats or discrimination in your employment or education?

  • Are you married to a person of a different race and endured discrimination from your family, friends or community?

  • Were you ever associated with White Nationalism or the KKK and heavily invested in anti-Semitic rhetoric, but have since changed your perspective?

  • Did you grow up in a Christian home and become part of the armed services because you were taught that serving in the military was part of your Christian duty because the United States of America is a Christian nation?

  • Have you (or anyone you know) given a lot of money to prosperity gospel preachers like Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar with the hopes that God would reward you with riches, only to find yourself further in debt as a result of that giving?

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