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Restorative Faith Podcast

Be Sure to Check Out the Restorative Faith Podcast!

The Restorative Faith Podcast has its roots in Arlington Heights, IL. Many of the human interest stories for Season 1 are derived from people who live in and around the Chicago area. That said, the ideas from the podcast are being shared in places all over the world. 

The goal of this podcast is to recast Christianity in a new light. If you’re the type of person who questions and doubts; if you’ve strayed from the Christian faith because there’s certain things that don’t seem to add up, then this podcast is for you. The first season is about evil and its role in driving people away from the church.

If you struggle with balancing faith and science or feel conflicted about issues pertaining to the infallibility of the Bible and the fallibility of humans, then you should consider listening to Season 1 and becoming part of the Restorative Faith Movement. As you will hear, we are not perfect people and were never intended to be. We uphold the notion that we are broken and remade. We are wanderers who are seeking our path and we are believers whose faith is unlike our predecessors. Our goal is to take a new look at traditional Christian ideas and apply them in our personal lives, communities, and society as a whole. E-mail us to stay up-to-date on all the latest releases from the Restorative Faith Podcast.

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