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Restorative Faith Book

The Restorative Faith Book Can Help Strengthen Your Faith

The motivation for creating the Restorative Faith Book was the underlying idea that there are a group of people who subscribe to the tenets of modern rationalism and, at the same time, are spiritually inclined. There seems to be a perception in our society that faith and science cannot co-exist. Indeed, many Christians suggest that logic is antithetical to belief because science is now so closely associated with secularism.

Most modern rationalists turn away from religion and many Evangelicals reject any science that contradicts biblical assertions about the world. Reconciling these two competing polarities is nearly impossible with the traditional Christian belief system. That is why the Restorative Faith Movement was born and the Restorative Faith Book, as well as the Podcast and Blog, can help! If you would like to be a part of the movement, sign up today to get started.

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