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Restorative Faith

Welcome to the Restorative Faith Movement!

Restorative Faith is a unique movement that is part of the new reformation of the 21st century. What sets us apart from other Christian movements is our focus on progressive Christian theology. Many people in the modern world struggle with the antiquated doctrine that is infused within many Christian churches. The Restorative Faith Movement seeks to recast Christianity in a new light – one that is appropriate for the modern age, rather than being stuck in the worldview that dominated the thinking of the men who wrote the Bible 2,000 years ago.


If you’re the type of person who has doubts; if you cannot accept certain dogmatic aspects of the Christian religion; or if you have wandered in your faith, then this movement is for you. This is not traditional Christianity repackaged or rebranded. The goal of the Restorative Faith Movement is to break down the Christian faith one piece at a time and rebuild it for the world in which we live today! Contact us today or visit us online to learn more!

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