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Restorative Faith

Creating a new kind of Christianity

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Restorative Faith is a progressive Christian movement designed to rescue the Christian faith from antiquated doctrine and recast Christianity in a new light.

If you’re the type of person who questions and doubts; if you’ve strayed from the Christian faith because there are certain things that don’t seem to add up, then this movement is for you.

This is not traditional Christianity repackaged or rebranded. We are here to break down the Christian faith one piece at a time so we can rebuild it into something that is actually worth believing.

The Podcast

The Book

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The Blog

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The Founder

Rev. Alexander Lang is a Presbyterian pastor in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Known for his distinctive preaching style, Alex blends history, science, culture and scripture into spiritually relevant messages for his congregation. Alex’s interests include independent film, electronic music and deep conversation with people who question, doubt and want to dig into the most complex issues we face as humans. 

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The opinions expressed on this site are those of Alexander Lang and do not reflect the views of any particular Christian denomination or organization.

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