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Does God Love Me?

Does God Love Me Even Though Bad Things Happen?

One of the reasons why so many people abandon the Christian faith is because the traditional answers provided by the church make no sense. When people ask questions like, "If God loves me, then why are bad things happening in my life?" the answers are often either inadequate or uncompassionate. When the Christian response to tragedy is "God has a plan," or "Everything happens for a reason," many people simply turn their backs on the Christian religion. Such answers are simply not cutting it for many people in our modern world.


Indeed, these trite and often reflexive responses are one of the primary reasons why Christians are abandoning the church. The Restorative Faith Movement in Arlington Heights, IL provides a more honest and appropriate answer to these types of questions about why God allows bad things to happen in our world. Indeed, reading the Restorative Faith Book will help resolve some of these dilemmas that have plagued the Christian religion for two millennia.

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